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February 13, 2017 | By admin | Filed in: Site Descriptions.

While visiting the park, I was reminded of simplier times. The peace and quietness of the park reminded me of how easy life was when I was younger. It took me back to a time where materialistic things held no value and I was able to just go with the flow of things. The visit to the park was a breath of fresh air and a wind down from reality. The park defiantly reminded me of my younger days when I didn’t have a care in the world and was able to just live life and worry about if my dirt cake would turn out right.

After visiting the park, I realized that I need to take a break from everything every once in a while. In today’s fast paced world, everyone deserves a breath of fresh air. The people in the space brought me to realized that there is more to happiness than the materialistic things. The slow paced traffic made me understand that sometimes the best things are in the comfort of your own space and you don’t always have to get out to enjoy life. In conclusion, this space helped me appreciate the smaller things in life and understand that not all happiness is expensive.

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