Focused Built Environment Description

February 13, 2017 | By admin | Filed in: Site Descriptions.

Arthur Langford Jr. park is located in a not so wealthy part of Atlanta. While visiting I noticed that. The people in that area were happy with life. I could tell they didn’t have much however, the lack of materialistic things did not bother them much. The kids were enjoying the nice weather and the parents were happy because their kids were. There wasn’t near as many homeless people in the park as there are in the parks near our campus. The people that passed through the park when I was there got along well as if they knew each other’s story.

The traffic in the area was not heavy. It seemed as if people of that area were better off at home with there family or they were stuck at work for a means of incoming. Unlike the traffic near our campus, the traffic was not aggressive either. The air had a small unfamiliar stench yet, it smelled purer than the air in my area. It’s not a ton of skyscrapers and big buildings in the area so I’m sure the area isn’t that polluted. The area was quiet and overall a soothing place with non materialistic people.

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